Environment Policy

The goal of Koza Gold Operations Inc., is to become an important gold producer of Turkey complying with international standards and thereby contribute to developing gold mining industry in the country and Turkish economy by employing the best available high technology and implement the world’s highest environmental.

Koza Gold Operations Inc. is aware of that the responsible environmental management and superior environmental performances are integral to an efficient, durable and successful gold mining company. It is aimed to maintain sustainability by integrally valuating economical developments, social interests and cultural issues with environmental measures

In order to integrate all of its activities within Environment Policy and realize environmental targets, Koza Gold Operations A.S. will consider following matters in all its projects and operation

  • Comply with all applicable provisions of legal and regulatory requirements, adopt to amended procedures
  • Ensure the company employees, contractors and suppliers to be aware of Environment Policy and provide them necessary training for this purpose,
  • Implement and maintain an environmental management system that identifies, assesses and effectively controls environmental factors and risks
  • Carry out reclamation and rehabilitation works on the mining area during and after the mining activities.
  • to take effective decision and action, communicate openly with local community and stakeholders about environmental issues and social impacts,
  • Save energy, water and natural resources by encouraging to use new technology and increases in efficiency
  • Conduct studies on reducing, reusing and recovering of the wastes.
  • To ensure goods and services within the supply chain are in accordance with Environment Policy
  • Demonstrate commitment to reflect environmental performance to the public in an transparent manner

Environment and Corporate Communication Department is responsible to execute the matters specified in Environment Policy.