Job Safety Policy

Koza Gold Operations Inc. is aware of that the high Health and Job Safety Performance obtained through Health and Job Safety Management System is integral to an efficient, durable and successful gold mining company. This will be achieved through the leadership and the use of reliable systems that provide timely and accurate information, in a transparent manner, to support effective decision making.

To achieve Health and Job Safety targets, Koza Gold Operations Inc. has adopted human-focused management understanding. Employee satisfaction and safety are priority.

The Occupational Health and Safety Policy of Koza Gold Operation A.S will include following matters:-

  • Select people with appropriate qualifications and capabilities, who will show commitment to the effective Job Safety management.
  • To form and Implement Health and Job Safety Management system that identifies, assesses and effectively controls environmental risks of employees of Koza Gold Operations Inc and also sub-contractors, contractors, suppliers and their employees
  • Integrate health and job safety considerations into all aspects of the company’s activities including exploration, project development, mine expansion, acquisitions, divestments and closures.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and set challenging standards that are congruent with community values and expectations.
  • Design, operate and structure all facilities and associated infrastructure In order to create a safe working environment and to maintain it and  to avoid employees to catch occupational diseases and to prevent injuries
  • Provide employees, contractors, and suppliers with necessary training, to ensure that they work with safety and responsibility and their activities are managed  in accordance with this policy
  • Initiate regular audit and assessment programs and embrace recommendations or improvement by prompt follow-up action and ensure these accepted improvements are well practiced.
  • Consult the community on its concerns, aspirations and values regarding the development, operational and closure aspects of projects, recognizing that there are links between economic, social and cultural issues. Ensure that all the knowledge, experience and updates obtained from these opinions are shared with employees and stakeholders.
  • Communicate openly about work environment risks, incidents or emergency situations, ideas for improvement, to enable effective decision making and action.
  • Demonstrate commitment to public reporting of Health and Job Safety performance observations and feedback  system with  updates in order to maintain the continuity in the system
  • Comply fully with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Set up a structure, which will ensure all kinds of activities are in comply with the health and job

Safety aims targets and allows constant review of these compliances.


Safety Department

Job Safety and Health Department consists of a Class A Safety Expert, a Safety Engineer and a Safety Officer directly reporting to Assistant General Manager-Administration.

Company’s emphasis on the Job Safety and Health has been clearly expressed in Job Safety and Health Policy.

Any individual joining our workforce at the mine shall receive an induction before commencing to work. The visitors will also receive a specific induction before entering mine site. The procedures and sites current safety regulations will be briefed during the induction session.

Additionally, mandatory training will be provided to the employees, as required by the Labor Law.

In addition to these general trainings, weekly tool-box meetings are held by each department to discuss the issues within their own departments.

While all employees are informed of job safety issues, special trainings are organized for specific teams and groups.

Mine Rescue Team manned by Safety Department for search and rescue activities has received and completed First Aid advanced training.

Fire Rescue Team was given a first level fire fighting training. Second level has been planned.

Under the special training programs, the employees nominated by the department managers have been trained for driving of an ambulance in emergency situations.

Safety Representatives reporting to Safety and Health Department observe and inspect safety procedures at the mine site and hold weekly meetings every Thursday afternoon to discuss the issues related to employees’ job safety and make recommendations.

Job Safety and Health is not only the responsibility of a department but all individuals. All employees and visitors are entitled to identify any hazard. Hazard reports and recommendations for corrective actions from individuals with undisclosed names and departments are submitted to department officers at the beginning of each month. Departments assess recommendations and employee who makes best recommendation is awarded.