Public Relation Policies

Koza Gold Operations Company is a Turkish company to explore and operate gold mines in our country. The goal of the company which has active mineral exploration programs throughout the country is to become an important gold producer in Turkey within the international standards and thereby contribute to developing gold mining and Turkish economy by employing the best available technology.

We believe that the relationship established on the mutual trust and benefits plays important role in the success of Koza. Our commitment undertaken to be a preferred choice of stakeholders leads to the mutual benefits in all of our relations.

We have been implementing this by taking following matters into the consideration.

  • To show respect and understanding for the needs and requests of all members of the community that we work with;
  • To conduct our activities in a manner which will produce benefits for the community that we work with;
  • To act as a responsible member of the communities that we work with;
  • To show respect to the values, opinions and rights of the individuals.

We will endeavor to establish relations based on following points:

  • Open and transparent communication;
  • To learn from each other;
  • Mutual solidarity;
  • To share success.

Public Relations

Koza Gold Operations’ Public Relations Department is engaged with the internal and external public relations activities of the company. Koza Gold Operations shapes up internal activities in a manner to show utmost care in establishing sound communications with employees and gaining their trust and confidence. In its external activities, Koza adopts the principle of “achieving sustainability by strengthening correct communication. Here are some of activities Public Relations Department deals with:

  • To provide social support to local community with the social responsibility projects,
  • To monitor press and media for information flow and set up press archive,
  • To organize mine site tours  and brief the visitors,
  • To arrange traineeship procedures for high school and university students,
  • To issue congratulatory messages on special days,
  • To participate in fairs and symposiums and set up stands,
  • To engage in activities to enhance internal communications.

Internal Public Relations

Maintaining the human factor principle to be a priority in its entire operations, Koza Gold continues the activities joined by the happy employees whose individual goals and ambitions match with company?s targets in high spirit and harmony with corporate culture.

In coordinating with Public Relations and Human Resource Department, activities have been held to keep the employees accurately informed of any developments concerning the affairs of the company in first hand, and foster the relationship between departments and keep high the morale and motivations of employees.

Training Opportunites

Ovacik Gold Mine provides training opportunities for the university students during the summer holidays and high school students during the winter seasons. Company arranges social security insurance scheme for the trainee students while they receive training and meals and the transport services to/from Bergama and Dikili region are freely provided. Students are paid minimum wages during the period of time of their training.

The Company’s main criteria for accepting trainee students are:

  • Priority is given to local applicant
  • Student’s school achievement status is taken into consideration
  • References are sighted.

Application forms for the summer-term training organized at Ovacik Gold Mine should be lodged by the end of March each year with Public Relations Department. Outcome of the applications are notified to the students in early April.