Söğüt Project is located in 100 km northwest Eskisehir Province. There are four mineralization zones in the project area, where exploration and development works are conducted.  These are Akbastepe, Korudanlık, Hayriye and Yolocak fields.

Development Works
Ore mineralization test works are ongoing at the domestic and abroad laboratories. Upon completion of these tests, preliminary works will be held to calculate reserves.  Development works are currently conducted for Akbastepe and Korudanlık fields. Akbastepe is ore vein due to sulphidation while Korudanlık is totally oxidation related ore vein.

Open Pit
In 2013, trial production was realised at Söğüt Akbastepe ore vein and as result of this, 63 thousand tonnes ore was mined and transported to Kaymaz Gold Mine plant to produce gold.