Environmental policy

Koza Gold Operations Inc. The aim of our environmental policy is; To be the leading gold producer in Turkey according to national and international standards, to successfully implement the highest environmental standards in the world by contributing to the development of the gold mining industry and our country's economy by using the best known technology.

Koza Gold Operations Inc. is aware that a permanent, successful and effective gold mining activity is a whole with responsible environmental management and superior environmental performance. It aims to ensure sustainability by evaluating the economic, social and cultural benefits, ethical elements, human and natural health stakeholders in the regions where the operation sites are located, within the same framework as a whole, within the environmental measures.

Koza Gold Operations Inc. In order to achieve its environmental goals by integrating all its activities with the Environmental Policy, it considers the following issues:

  •      Adhering to the current environmental legislation, company policy provisions and ethical elements, to comply with the changes made,
  •      To continuously develop, improve and keep the environmental goals and objectives accessible,
  •      To raise awareness of company employees, subcontractors and suppliers about their compliance with the Environmental Policy, to regularly audit them and to provide the necessary opportunities and training for this,
  •      Creating, implementing, controlling and maintaining an environmental management system that identifies, evaluates and effectively controls environmental factors and risks,
  •      To carry out the works of rehabilitating the lands in accordance with the legislation during and after the mining activities and reintroducing them to the nature,
  •      To establish an open communication with the local people and all relevant parties about environmental issues and social impacts in order to take effective decisions and measures, and to follow the results,
  •      To save water, energy and other natural resources by increasing efficiency and encouraging the use of new technology,
  •      To carry out the necessary studies for the reduction, reuse, recovery and disposal of the wastes at the source,
  •      To check that the materials used in the supply chain and the services received comply with the current legislation and Environmental Policy, to be a developer,
  •      Demonstrate the obligation to transparently communicate environmental performance to the public.

Fulfillment of the issues specified in our Environmental Policy is under the responsibility of the Environment Directorate and all our personnel, with the motto of "Environment First".

Board Member – CEO

Mahmut CELIK